During time of software development, there should be some points this thought hovering around our mind: “If I’ve got one more week (or month), this project would be in much better shape”. It probably is a more friendly and easier-to-use UI, a cleaner set of APIs, or more readable and maintainable codebase. In general, we usually fall into the lack-of-time situation. Sometimes, we estimated too little time for the work, but on other occasions, we gave more room than it needed for a project and still missed the deadline.

The reason varies. It might be a wrong prediction on the…

10 things you should keep in mind for your software development

Stepping into the tech-world as software engineer, we can see that there are usually too many things that one can learn and absorb. It can cause a phenomenon called choice overload, where you have a difficult time to decide what to follow and what’s not appropriate in practice. Knowing which set of principles and practices to follow is crucial for being better as an engineer.

This piece of writing is my sharing on principles and practices that I followed everyday working as a software engineer. …

Hoang Nguyen

Software Engineer. Lifetime learner.

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